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Can politics exist without ideology?

A legislator, or some individual who settles on restricting choices in the circle of life that we call the government will dependably settle on those choices based of off their optimal perspective of the world – the regulating standards they hold about how the world ought to be. In the event that they weren’t settling on choices based off of how they figure the world ought to be, at that point for what reason would they settle on the choices they make?

How political decisions without ideology would be made?

political decisions without ideologyOne far-fetched reply to that inquiry could be that they settle on their choices based off unadulterated possibility. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they all flipped a coin while picking whether to vote yes or no on a bit of enactment, or whether to begin a war, at that point the unpredictable structures of the state would fall into confuse and stop to exist, until the point that individuals assembled new ones in view of their own idealistic perspectives.

Is it possible not to hold any ideology at all?

On the off chance that a politician is viewed as a logical thinker instead of an ideologue, at that point their political belief system is “sober mindedness”; this doesn’t imply that they don’t hold a philosophy. In the event that a government official’s convictions don’t fall into conventional classifications, at that point their philosophy is close to home. Rather than subscribing wholeheartedly to a well known belief system, they’ve made their own, or synthesized a few philosophies and produced another one from their blend. However, once more, they’re as yet ideological.

Would politics without ideology destroy the world as we know it?

Would politics without ideology destroy the world as we know it?Governmental issues without belief system would prompt the decimation of political structures, and the development of new ones. Expecting that government officials would ever be adequately non-ideological, they would destabilize the frameworks they are a piece of. Along these lines, governmental issues without belief system is unsustainable and very likely unimaginable in light of the fact that by one means or another, at some point, philosophy will make it in with the general mish-mash.